HP Elite Dragonfly. Is it a good laptop?

Have you ever thought what are the things that weigh lighter than air? Did any laptop crossed your mind while thinking? No, then let's talk about HP Elite Dragonfly.

While launching the HP Elite Dragonfly, HP made hype in the market “Lighter than air”. Even though that’s just a marketing strategy, HP Elite Dragonfly is lighter than other laptops in the segment. HP brand is known for its stylish laptop’s designs for quite a long time and now they are in the process of giving stylish look to their business segment laptops too. Look wise HP elite dragonfly is so modern and its sleek design gives an edge over other laptops in the segment.

HP Elite Dragonfly laptop
Image credit: HP

Physical Overview:

The first look of the laptop you will see a matt finished decent blue colour laptop with HP logo on top. HP named this blue colour as Dragon Blue. Being given matt finishing, it attracts almost negligible fingerprints and dirt.

Hp elite dragonfly’s chassis is made up of CNC Machined magnesium, which makes it one of the lightest laptop out there. It weighs less than 1 kg.  Even after being the lightest laptop, nowhere its strength and durability is compromised. It is well built and has a rigid structure.

On the right side of the laptop, HP has given 2 Thunderbolt-3 ports, 3.5 mm audio jack and HDMI port. Since it is a business laptop, the HDMI port is much needed for this laptop. On the left, it has a USB Type-A port, Power On/Off button, and Sim card slot which supports 4G LTE connectivity.

Hp elite dragonfly has got 13.3 inch display with a touch screen. Top and bottom Basel sizes are pretty small giving the wide look of the screen. On the top, it has a webcam with a manual webcam privacy switch.

Speaking about the keyboard, the keys are well spaced and feel comfortable while typing. Since this laptop has a noise cancellation feature, it makes no noise while typing. So if you are typing in the middle of the conference call, this laptop’s AI|will make sure you won't disturb others with keys striking noise.

On both sides of the keyboard, this laptop has Bang and Olufsen speakers, which are extremely loud to play music in the room. Below the right speaker, this laptop has given a fingerprint scanner.

Speaking about flexibility, HP Elite Dragonfly can be turned 360 degrees into a convertible tablet, with a touch screen display. It is provided with a stylus which can be pretty helpful for many functions.

Software Details:

When comes to brightness, it has an excellent display and along with battery life performance, can be considered as the best combination for the modern laptop.

For those who are using the laptop for photoshop, lightroom, video editing this is a great choice as this laptop has 99% SRGB, 76% AdobeRGB. HP Elite Dragonfly has many security features, one of which is “Sure View”. A Sure View can be enabled through one button, which ensures seeing screen through an angle, impossible. That means anyone trying to sneak into the screen from top or sideways will end up seeing the dark screen.

Unlike other laptops, this laptop doesn’t have the latest 10th gen intel processor, that is because this laptop is made as business Segment model and HP wanted Vpro version for this laptop.

This laptop has Wi-Fi6 which is considered to be three times faster then wi-fi5.

HP has claimed this laptop battery life to last up to 24.5 hours which is available for the top variant. Also, the top variant price and weight are little more than the base variant. This laptop takes 2 hrs 12 min to fully charge the battery.

HP Elite Dragonfly laptop
Image credit: HP


  • Security features provided by HP in this laptop is surely be considered as one of the biggest plus points for this laptop.

  • Battery performance is one of the most appreciated features for this laptop.

  • It has many ports including HDMI, USB, Headphone and thunderbolt which is much needed in business segment laptops.


  • Even though it is one of the stylish lightweight laptop, Hp seems to have downgraded this laptop in terms of technical specifications.
  • This laptop can't be used for high-end games of recent times.


HP Elite Dragonfly is one of those laptops, which will surely attract people’s attention in the corporate world, with its look and stylish classy design. But keep in mind if you are looking for a gaming laptop, this laptop will be a bad choice. As this laptop is not made for gaming. Better to go for some dedicated gaming laptop in that case. Whereas if you want to look stylish in your business meetings or client meetings then do consider this laptop as one of your choice.

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