VAIO SX12 laptop - Portable with 9 ports!

VAIO is now a new individual brand with manufacturing unit in Japan and they sell their products in the US, Japan and Brazil. After splitting with their partner Sony, VAIO coming up with a compact, lightweight and sturdy ultrabook design for proving their worth in the laptops market. VAIO SX12 laptop not only evolved in terms of performance but also in safety features.

VAIO SX12 laptop review, specs. Portable with 9 ports!
VAIO SX12 Laptop with 9 Ports

Since the VAIO units are always manufactured in Japan, the cost of their laptops are always on the higher side compared to other laptops. But in return, they provide Sturdy, rigid and high-quality laptops. These laptops go through many quality and durability test before reaching the final consumer. So let's check what special features VAIO SX12 Laptop is having.

VAIO SX12 laptop is now upgraded with Intel Core i7 10th Generation processor. It runs 6 powerful core chips which make this laptop a little powerhouse. This laptop has many ports which make you forget the dongle. Even after all these ports, this laptop weighs just 2.0 lbs (900 Grams), which attracts many business consumers towards this beast.


Intel Core i7-10710U Comet Lake 6-core CPU
Intel UHD Graphics
12.5” Matte IS non-touch, FHD low power and 4K options
8GB/16GB DDR3LP 2133MHz RAM, soldered
Windows Hello IR camera and fingerprint scanner
Qualcomm Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.1
White backlit keyboard, MS Precision trackpad


Starting at $1,199


Silver (Matt Finish)
Matt Black (Matt Finish)
Brown (Matt Finish)
Premium Red(Glossy FInish)


At first glance, you will notice unidirectional carbon fibre casing on the top of the laptop. This unidirectional carbon casing makes these laptops strong and it protects laptop from damage caused by sudden impact.

Speaking about the highlighted feature of this laptop. This laptop has

3USB A port
Headphone Jack
Ethernet port
VGA Port
USB Type C 3.1 (for charging, data transfer and for display, not thunderbolt)
Full-size SD card slot

You might wonder what the VGA port doing on this laptop. Reason for that is, this laptop is business-centric and VGA port is super useful in conference rooms and for overhead projectors. VAIO had put serious efforts in providing all the ports for this model without making it bulky.

VAIO SX12 Laptop comes with Ergo Lift design. So when you open the laptop, the keyboard is lifted from hinges giving you the better viewing angle and comfortable typing. This design also ensures the good airflow at the bottom side of the laptop hence keeping the laptop temperature down.  


VAIO SX12 Laptop comes with two display options, 4K and FHD. The full HD display is lacking in colour gamut. Although the display is bright but the colours look little washed out. This time VAIO have designed high efficiency and low power consuming HD display which adds up to the battery life, which is much required feature for this laptop.

Display metric:
329 Nits
71% sRGB
53% Adobe RGB
53% DCI-P3
2.2 Gamma
0.30 Black Level
1100:1 Contrast
BOE069 Panel

For output display, it has VGA port, HDMI port for 4K display at 30Hz and for 60Hz 4k display you can use USB C port.

VAIO SX12 laptop review, specs. Portable with 9 ports!
VAIO SX12 Laptop Fingerprint Scanner


This laptop comes with Windows Hello Face recognition along with Fingerprint scanner. You can use any of these methods to quickly login into the laptop.


The keyboard of the VAIO SX12 laptop has white backlit. Considering the 12.5-inch chassis, keys are well separated and spacious. The keyboard is quiet and doesn’t make typing noise while striking the key, just as any business user want in the meeting room.


First complain to have with VAIO SX12 Laptop is the size of trackpad. Even though they had space, they provided small precision trackpad. Might be they will improve their design in future.


While reducing the weight and size of this laptop VAIO had to compromise on battery. This laptop comes with 35WH(4610mAh) battery, which lasts for around 6 hours. It doesn’t feel right giving such a small battery to beast running 6 core CPU.

For charging you can use barrel charging port or you can simply charge through USB C port as the adapter comes with USB Type-A port also.


Another complaint about VAIO SX12 Laptops is the speakers. This laptop has stereo speakers at the bottom and they are hardly audible. The volume of these speakers is lower than a smartphone speaker. One will admit speaker quality doesn’t match this laptop standard. Hope to see an improved design from VAIO in this section otherwise grab the headphones and it will solve the problem.

VAIO SX12 laptop review, specs. Portable with 9 ports!
VAIO SX12 Laptop

Concluding Word:

Japanese manufacturer tested these laptops for the quality, durability, rigidity making VAIO SX12 Laptop one of the best strong and spill-proof laptop. This laptop has a Performance mode, Normal mode, Low power quite mode in VAIO app setting for controlling the fan speed.

Though there are compromises in terms of battery output, Trackpad, sound quality but still it has pretty much everything that you can ask for in an ultraportable laptop, like ports, FHD Display, powerful CPU etc. If you are in business and productivity, this compact and superlight laptop will definitely catch your attention. It will be surely a worthy competitor for HPElite Dragonfly.

Do let us know what you think about this laptop.

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