Boycott China Products - Smartphones. Facts, Reality, Alternatives, Solutions.

Recently there is lots of stuff going on in and around India, regarding Corona virus which caused major damaged to India and on top of that India China border clashes etc, which costed the life of Indian soldiers. Still, China is having a dominant attitude toward India. These series of events raised patriotism in Indians and they too want to join the Indian soldiers to teach China a lesson in their way. That is by boycotting Chinese or Made in China products. Smartphones market in India is one of the regions where Chinese companies dominate. So even the smartphone companies of China going to feel the heat of this movement.

Boycott China Products - Smartphones. Facts, Reality, Alternatives, Solutions.

Mid-range smartphones market in India is largely dominated by Chinese smartphones, around 90% smartphone market is captured by China. Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo etc are the leading Chinese brands in India. They offer good specs and the latest technology at a much cheaper price than other non-Chinese brands. Indians are very conscious about their spending and always get attracted to these smartphones.

How they captured the market:

5-6 years back there were very few options available for smartphones. We used to get crap smartphones. An only good option was Samsung. We had to pay heavily even for small specs like display, brightness adjustment etc. Xiaomi a Chinese company, studied this and came up with all these features and specs at much affordable price. That was the start of the journey in India. Slowly they got hold of the Indian market. Samsung realized their mistake late and is working on that while other companies din't cared much. LG did try but their frequency of introducing a new phone was much low. Intex, Lava etc which are Indian companies are far away from the competition. Micromax which was claimed as Indian company was just rebranding Chinese phones and selling as Indian. This is how Xiaomi entered the Indian market and slowly Oppo, Vivo etc followed.

These Chinese brands offered heavy features at a much cheaper price which made them popular in India in a short time. Also, they advertised heavily on online as well as offline platforms. You will see every second shop in India having these Chinese advertisements on them. Also, they are sponsoring major events like IPL in India. They worked beautifully around their strategy to build their brand audience and results you can see.


Since the hashtag Boycott China product trending on social networking sites, no Indian person will be willing to buy Chinese products or smartphones, if he had a better alternative at that price point. These Chinese companies are providing the phones at almost 20 to 30% less price than others, which makes the common people think. The price difference of 20-30% is much for average middle-class people in India. Spending 6000 to 8000 extra just for getting non-Chinese brand becomes difficult for them.

Due to Covid-19, many people lost their jobs, many got their pay cut, economy falling, 18% GST increase all these factors are affecting the individual. This was the golden opportunity for Samsung to capture the market but they failed. They still launching smartphones with a considerably much higher price than expected.


10 years back the smartphone market was not evolved much as compared to today’s technology. We hardly had any good options. With Samsung, Nokia, Motorola dominating the market, other brands had a hard time selling their smartphones. Samsung still in the race of manufacturing good smartphones while Nokia trying to make a comeback through their new smartphones.

Samsung is a Korean company. From more than 2 decades they are selling smartphones in India. Samsung biggest plant in the world is in Noida Delhi. They are manufacturing most of the mid-range smartphones in India. Samsung is one of the rare company which uses most of the non-Chinese parts. Most of the parts they use are manufactured in India. Samsung provides you value for money products. They have good built quality and finishing and it is an internationally recognized brand. If you want to buy a non-Chinese phone, you can definitely add Samsung in your buying list.

Nokia is one of the oldest company in India but today stands nowhere in the competition. It is now owned by HMT Global.

Apple is an American company. Apple I phone smartphones are popular for their quality and operating System. They are expensive but worth the price. Most middle-class people don’t include this premium smartphone in their buying list because of its price. Though Apple is an American company, 95% of I phones are manufactured in China.

ASUS is a Taiwan based company. They produced some good smartphones, but they are not frequent in introducing new smartphones. Its been a while they introduced their last phone and yet there is no news of any new phones from them.

LG is a Korean company. LG has some good phones but certainly not peoples first choice.

Rest other companies like Intex, Lava are not much popular in India.

Chinese Brands:
Lots of Chinese companies like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi have their factories in India and many of them produce smartphones with a tag “Made in India”. But technically that’s not correct as these smartphones are assembled in India and not manufactured in India. Majority of the parts are imported from China, which consists of main parts like smartphone chip, RAM, displays etc. After assembling they label it as “Made in India” as they get the benefit of that. Even some of them like Xioami only assemble mid-range smartphones in India. Rest Flagship phones they manufactured in China and sold in India.

Why Chinese smartphones and apps need a ban:

India is the first country to ban 59 Chinese apps which even include TikTok. The reason behind it is a security violation. Even Chinese manufactured smartphones have a lot of bloat wares. They are even found guilty before in data breaching. Some Chinese companies declared that they are not supplying Indian user data to China government but it is hard to believe, because according to “Chinese Intelligence Law 2017” article 14 and 16 states that Chinese government may request or demand any Chinese organisation for any support, assistance or cooperation. Which legally mean they can anytime ask its companies for user data or even spying on users. So if you are operating your online transaction, bank accounts through these Chinese phones, your security can be at risk.

What we can do:

China is the biggest manufacturing factory in the world. They almost manufacture everything. So if we want to stop using Chinese product, we need to start producing these products. India should start manufacturing these processors, chips etc in India. This will reduce the dependency on China and it will surely make “Make in India” a grand success. Not overnight but it will take years.

Many people think that Boycott China won't be successful as every smartphone batteries are made in China or every other product we buy is made in China. That’s true, we cant boycott China in a day but surely we can reduce buying Chinese product. If you have the luxury to spend little extra or if we find an alternative to these products, why not to go for it. If we start doing this, we will surely see the big change in the coming years. This time, even government has shown support by banning Chinese apps and cancelling big contracts with China. So why not we. Also if you find anyone buying Chinese phones don’t think they are not loyal to India, as they might be having a tight budget or any other issue. In that case please don't pressurize them to prove their loyalty by buying Indian phones.

If you really want to Boycott Chinese product you can follow this line to make it happen.
"Boycott China – Software in a week, Hardware in a year".

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