HP Omen 15 Laptop -2020 | light weight with improved air flow design | Gaming Laptop

HP gaming laptops always had a heating issue while gaming. Last year they did try fixing it to some extent but still, the thermal issue persists. But this time with HP Omen 15 laptop they kept there focus on heat flow. They increased fin and fan size which increased the airflow by 60% and with that they succeeded in reducing the heat issue which was bothering them for a long time. So here are some pros and cons of improved HP Omen 15 laptop which will help you make buying decision.

HP Omen 15 Laptop -2020 | light weight with improved air flow design.
HP Omen 15 Laptop 2020

At first look, you will see the matt black finish laptop with diamond shape bluish-green reflective logo on the back panel. HP redesigned and replaced last years logo to give HP Omen 15 laptop gaming feel with a new design. This laptop comes in two variants, with AMD processor and other with Intel processor. Both come with their own set of pros and cons.


Starts from $1099.99

Two versions of HP Omen 15 laptop:

As mentioned earlier, this laptop comes with two versions that are AMD and Intel processor. If you choose AMD processor, you won’t be able to find how powerful this GPU can get as you can only spec it up to GTX 1660 TI with AMD RYZEN 7 4800H. On the other hand, if you choose Intel, you can choose from i5 to i7 processor. You can spec this processor with RTX 2070 Super Max Q. making it more powerful laptop. But if you have the option of choosing AMD or Intel with same price range then better go for AMD version as the extra 2 cores are fantastic for multi-threaded workflows and also powerful enough for gaming.

With AMD version you can get only up to 144Hz display at the top end whereas for Intel you can go up to 300Hz or you can get 4K OLED or HD Display. UHD does have a 120Hz panel which is best for creators and gamers. But this higher display has some drawbacks too. 300Hz display has a lower response rate and higher colour accuracy.

Physical overview:

On the left, it has Power charger port, Ethernet port, USB A, HDMI Port, Headphone Jack and full-size SD Card slot.

On the right, it has two USB A ports, mini display port and Thunderbolt 3 port. There is no VGA and CD ROM player for this laptop.

HP Omen 15 laptop has great hinges design which can be open through one hand. Display bezels are thin and give a good look to laptop. This laptop is lighter than the previous laptop and is said to be the lightest laptop under 1000$.


HP Omen 15 laptop has a backlit keyboard. The base variant has Red colour backlit whereas high-end and others have per-key RGB lights which are programmable through software. The keyboard deck has metal underneath to avoid flex. This laptop doesn’t have a numeric keypad, so if you are a fan of numeric keypad you won't like this keyboard much. On/Off button is placed next to Delete key and is programmed not to shutdown on accidental hit. The overall keyboard gives good experience while typing.


The trackpad of HP Omen 15 Laptop works ok. Might be, to reduce the cost of this gaming laptop HP compromised on the trackpad. The trackpad is made up of plastic and has little poor tracking accuracy. While dragging and dropping you can feel some resistance and also the mechanism for click feels little sluggish.


HP Omen 15 laptop has 71WH battery. HP specified it will last for 12 hours but it seems to last for 4-5 hours for doing regular productive work. HP fast charge will top up the battery from 0 to 50% in just 45 min.


HP Omen 15 laptop comes with Bang & Olufsen speakers. They are good and produce a good loud sound.

HP Omen 15 Laptop -2020 | light weight with improved air flow design.
HP Omen 15 Laptop 2020

Concluding words:

Most of the gamers are ready to sacrifice speakers and trackpad for a lower-cost laptop as they want an enhanced gaming laptop. HP Omen 15 laptop comes with its own set of compromises.

Overall it has good built quality in terms of flex and rigidity. Heat management of this laptop is top class. This laptop dissipates more power at a significantly lower temperature. But at the same time, this feature also brings one downside along with it. This laptop fan is loudest in the class. Since it is blowing much air, the noise production is also loud. There are three settings to control fan speed. At the lowest setting noise is low but still audible to human ears. Also because of its flex, this laptop is less recommended to carry while travelling.

Above are some of the specs of HP Omen 15 laptop. Depending on what you value in a laptop you can make your buying decision. Let me know what are your views about this laptop.

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