Dell XPS 17 Laptop Review (2020) | Laptop for content creators.

After taking a pause for a while Dell came up with their first 17” laptop. That is Dell XPS 17 Laptop. Dimension wise it is just a little bigger than their previous XPS 15 laptop. This laptop is thin and relatively very light. It weighs around 5.53 pounds, that is 2.5 Kg. Dell XPS 17 laptop comes with RTX 2060 MAX-Q and it is more focussed towards content creations like photo editing, video editing, 3d rendering etc then for gaming.

Dell XPS 17 Laptop Review | Laptop for content creators.
Dell XPS 17 Laptop


17” 16:10 Full HD+ 1920x1200 500 nits, 100% sRGB
4K+ 3840x2400 500 nit, 100% Adobe RGB. Both Support Dolby Vision

Intel 10th Gen 45 Watt Core i5-10300H, i7-10750H 6-core,
Intel Core i7-10875H 8-Core, i9-10885H 8-core

Intel UHD 630+ NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti or
NVIDIA RTX 2060 Max-Q (Base model is UHD 630 only)

2 RAM slots, 8-64 GB DDR4 2933MHz RAM

2xM.2  NVMe SSD slots, 256GB-2TB

Killer 1650 WiFi 6 + Bluetooth

Fingerprint Scanner + Windows Hello IR Camera

MS Precision trackpad, white backlit keyboard, 1.3mm travel

Physical Overview:

Compared to XPS 15 with 2 thunderbolts-3 ports, XPS 17 laptop has 4 thunderbolt-3 ports.

Left side, it has 2 thunderbolt-3 ports.

Towards the right, it has 2 thunderbolt-3 ports, a full-size SD card slot and a headphone jack.

Dell XPS 17 laptop has CNC Aluminium casing which makes its structure strong and rigid. Interior has black carbon finishing. The lid is solid with a silver finish. Reflective mirror Dell logo is embossed at the center of this lid.


Dell totally nailed the display option for XPS 17 laptop. Both display that is Full HD+ and 4K displays are good and have fantastic colour accuracy and brightness. Dell XPS 17 laptop has 16:10 aspect ratio with no chin and thin bezels of 5mm on the sides. No wonder many Mac book users find this display familiar. The top bezel is equipped with a webcam which supports Windows Hello. This display has 500 Nits value and 100% sRGB. Which will give good value for content creators.
Dell XPS 17 Laptop Review | Laptop for content creators.
Dell XPS 17 Laptop

Keyboard and trackpad:

Dell XPS 17 laptop has big solid Trackpad. Good to see that Dell has fixed wobbly Trackpad issue which was seen in XPS 15. The trackpad of the XPS 17 laptop is extremely smooth to the touch and works well.

The keyboard of Dell XPS 17 laptop is good. It has got good travel distance. White Backlit keyboard of XPS 17 is solid and much enjoyable while typing. Even after the wider size of the laptop, there is no Numpad. Might be to keep the keyboard symmetrical and give this laptop premium look Dell avoided giving Numpad to this keyboard. On/Off Button is located at the top right corner of the keyboard. It is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner, which works really fast.


Dell XPS 17 laptop is equipped with 97 WH battery which provides decent backup for the laptop.

Concluding Words:

Dell introduced the vapour chamber for cooling in this laptop. Dell XPS 17 has excellent build quality and rigidity. It is relatively slim, lightweight and compact with super 16x10 display. RAM and SSD are upgradable. XPS 17 has lots of thunderbolt-3 ports.

On the downside, XPS 17 is considered one of the expensive laptop. Although it has got good thermal, it is not intended for gaming. Slow response time won't give a good experience while playing.

Dell XPS 17 laptop is mainly focused on the content creators need. XPS fans will love this machine as it performs better than other XPS laptops. Altogether this is nice, good performing laptop and it has to be. According to its price tag.

Let me know what you think about this laptop. I will be happy to know your thoughts.

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