ASUS ExpertBook B9 Laptop Specifications and Review | Ultra compact and lightweight laptop.

ASUS is coming with some good laptops from a few years now. But most of them were gaming or consumers laptops. This time they introduced ASUS Expertbook B9 laptop for business users and for productive purpose. So let's dig into the Worlds lightest laptop to know more about its specifications and features.


ASUS ExpertBook B9 Laptop Specifications and Review | Ultra compact and lightweight laptop.
ASUS ExpertBook B9

This is a new series launched by ASUS which they called Expert Series. In India, it will be launched in September. Expertbook B9 laptop is lightweight and weighs 995 Grams. That is the reason it got a tag of Worlds lightweight laptop. It's impressive from ASUS that even after having a big battery they manage to reduce its weight.


ASUS Expertbook B9450
14" IPS LCD Full HD (100% sRGB)
Intel Core i7 – 10510U Processor.
1.8 GHz (8M Cache, up to 4.9 GHz)
US MIL-STD 810G Military-grade standard.
WiFi 6 (802.11ax) + Bluetooth 5.0
2*2 IR camera and Fingerprint.
66WH battery (USB Type C 65W charger)
Windows 10 professional, 995 Grams.

Physical Overview:

The casing of the ASUS Expertbook B9 laptop is made up of Magnesium Lithium alloy which makes it lightweight as well as sturdy.

On the left side, it has Micro adapter, Full-size HDMI port, 2 Thunderbolt-3 USB C ports.

Ethernet adapter is provided with this laptop which can be connected to the micro adapter for connecting LAN cable.

Towards the right side, it has USB 3.1 Type-A port and a headphone jack.

Back-panel has matt finishing with ASUS written on it.

On the front near trackpad, it has LED light stripe which is for Alexa assistance. It lights up whenever triggered.

ASUS Expertbook comes with Ergo Lift Hinge design which lifts the laptop when opened and it can be bent 180 degree that is completely flat. This laptop is extremely lightweight and can be lifted easily with one hand. Dimensions of  ASUS Expertbook is quite similar to an A4 page. In width, it's less than A4 paper and in height 1-2 inches more than A4 paper.


ASUS Expertbook B9 laptop comes with 14 inches LED IPS screen.  It has very thin bezels of 4mm which makes its screen to body ratio 94%. Top Bezels is equipped with a webcam which has privacy shutter for safety purpose. So one can close the shutter whenever needed. Expertbook has an Anti-glare screen with 300Nits brightness levels which is good for indoor working but not bright enough for outdoor working. Apart from that, it has 100% sRGB which gives good and natural colour reproduction. Viewing angles are great.


White backlit keyboard of ASUS Expertbook B9 laptop has surprisingly good key travel which makes typing enjoyable. The keyboard layout is good and fitted with squarish keys of decent size.


ASUS Expertbook B9 has big size glass trackpad. This trackpad is smooth and works well. Trackpad has a button on the top right corner to switch on the numerical touchpad. An interesting feature of this Numpad is, trackpad and Numpad can be used simultaneously. This trackpad/Numpad will be very useful for the people using it for work purpose like entering data in excel sheet etc.


ASUS Expertbook B9 comes with a Fingerprint scanner, Windows Hello for authentication. Also, it has some more safety features for disabling USB, Disabling registry editing etc which can be easily accessed through ASUS software.


ASUS Expertbook B9 laptop comes with 66WH battery. ASUS specified it will last for 24 hrs which is amazing. In reality, it lasts for at least 15 Hrs. It supports fast charging and charges 60% in 39 mins.


ASUS Expertbook B9 has 4 speakers at the bottom. Which are quite loud.

Concluding Words:

Performance of ASUS Expertbook B9 laptop is very good. It has a Military Grade certified design. It is lightweight, durable and portable and also has good built quality. It comes in Intel i5 and i7 variants. Battery backup is surprisingly good. It's a productive laptop for business users and specifically not for creators.

ASUS ExpertBook B9 Laptop Specifications and Review | Ultra compact and lightweight laptop.
ASUS ExpertBook

Being a work laptop, it has most of the features a work laptop should have. Like security feature, compact,  portable, battery backup etc. Only thing is, this premium piece of technology comes with premium pricing too. So if the price doesn't matter to you or your company providing you with this laptop then ASUS Expertbook is a good choice. It will be interesting to see where it will stand in the competition with VAIO SX12 and HP Elite Dragonfly.

Do let me know what are your views on this.

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